This practice is required to support vital health and care planning and research by sharing your pseudonymised data with NHS Digital.  For more information about this see the GP Practice Privacy Notice for General Practice Data for Planning and Research.

If you would prefer that your identifiable patient data is only shared for your own health care purposes, you can opt-out by registering a Type One Opt-out or a National Data Opt-out, or both. Your individual care will not be affected if you opt-out using either option (or both).

Type One opt-out has to be registered by your Practice; to do so please complete and return the Type One opt-out form.
National opt-out can be done without contacting your practice, at

Data sharing with NHS Digital was initially scheduled to begin on 1st July 2021 but this has now been delayed until the 1st September 2021.

Published: Jun 7, 2021